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How do we study the Bible?


Scripture quotations taken from the NASB.

How do we study the Bible? - Lesson 2: Dispensations

Three time periods are covered in the bible. They are often called dispensations. Each dispensation is different. During the Patriarchal Age, God spoke directly with the heads of households. The Mosaic Age began when Moses received the law from God on Mt. Sinai. The Law of Moses was in effect until Jesus Christ died on the Cross. Then the Christian Age began.

The Patriarchal Age begins with Adam in the Garden of Eden. It covers Noah and the Ark, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. This age continues with the birth of Moses, the Hebrews crossing the Red Sea and Moses going up Mt. Sinai to receive the Law.

The Mosaic Age, or Law of Moses, began when Moses received the Law from God on Mt. Sinai. The children of Israel were given specific instruction for how to worship God, how to choose animals acceptable for sacrifices, who would be allowed to offer sacrifices, where the priests would come from, and how to treat others. During this time, the Israelites went from a portable place of worship (tabernacle) to a permanent place in Jerusalem (temple). Our Lord and Savior was born during this time. He grew up, chose His disciples, taught many things, healed people, and was falsely accused --- arrested, tried, and crucified on a cross.

Our Lord and Savior was buried in a tomb and arose in three days. This is the beginning of a new dispensation—the Christian Age. The early first century church began during this time (Book of Acts), letters to early churches and Christians, were written during this time (Romans – Revelation). We still live under the Christian age or doctrine of Christ.

  1. Please select the three dispensations of the Bible.
  2. A.The Thousand year reign
    B.Patriarchal Age
    C.The Modern Age
    D.Mosaic Age
    E.Grace and Mercy
    F.Christian Age
  3. Who are examples of good leaders of the Patriarchal Age?
  4. A.Adam, Noah and Abraham
    B.Moses, Jesus and Abraham
    C.Paul, Peter and Judas
    D.Pharaoh, King Tut and Abimelech
  5. Where was the permanent location of the first temple?
  6. A.Bethlehem
  7. When did the Mosaic Age begin?
  8. A.After the Flood
    B.When Moses was born
    C.When Moses received the Ten Commandments
  9. When did the Mosaic Age end?
  10. A.At Christ's birth
    B.On the day of Pentecost
    C.When Jesus died on the cross
    D.It didn't; the Law of Moses is still in effect today
  11. What did people do to atone for their sins in the Mosaic Age?
  12. A.Pray to the high priest
    B.Sacrifice animals
    C.Pilgrimage to Mecca
    D.Nothing; Jesus Christ died for all
  13. What items were in the Ark of the Covenant?
  14. A.The Ten Commandments
    B.Aaron's budding rod
    C.The holy grail
    D.The Dead Sea Scrolls
    F.None of the above
  15. During which dispensation was Jesus born?
  16. A.Patriarchal Age
    B.Mosaic Age
    C.Christian Age
    D.Millenial Reign
  17. What was Jesus falsely accused of?
  18. A.Blasphemy
    B.Breaking the Sabbath
    D.Both A and B
  19. What New Testament book describes the history of the first-century church?
  20. A.Romans

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