About Us

We are a group of Christians that assemble as the church of Christ in Garden City, Georgia. We strive to represent Jesus Christ by totally submitting to His teachings and instructions. Our greatest satisfaction comes from our sincere determination to please Jesus in all of our teachings, works, worship, and moral behaviors. Since Jesus is the mediator of the New Testament, we use it as our sole guide for all that we think and do. Just as the Lord extended His grace and love to all people, we embrace the diversity of our membership in age, gender, and race as one of our strongest blessings. Our unity is based on each of us conforming our will to the obedience of His will, and He is then able to make us one. We welcome anyone who seeks salvation, and is willing to submit themselves to the will of Jesus Christ. Since Jesus has given His church only a spiritual mission to save souls. We also focus only on a spiritual mission in all of our teachings, works, and activities. We believe as the Apostle Paul did, that the Gospel is the power of God for salvation for all men (Rom. 1:16). Even though many of our members will engage in social, recreational, political, and entertainment activities, as a church, we do not support or participate in any of these endeavors. We spend our efforts and resources doing the spiritual work of our Lord. We attempt to do the work of our Lord while being humble servants to Him and to other people.

When you visit with us you will notice that none of our members will use religious titles to exalt men. We find it necessary to follow the Lord’s instructions when He said, “you are all Brethren,” (Matt. 23:18). We will welcome you into a warm and friendly environment to worship and study. Our members will greet you and introduce themselves. They will offer you information on available bible classes and study resources. You can feel free to simply listen or to participate in our bible  class discussions. We will often refer to scripture during our assembly activities to show our love and obedience to Christ by having His authority in everything we do (Col. 3:17). We will encourage you to ask questions concerning any thing we do or any spiritual subject you desire. We will not pressure you, embarrass you, or solicit money from you at any time. You will find the Garden City Church of Christ to be a very warm, friendly, and loving group of Christians with a sincere commitment to get to heaven. Please come to visit us soon, we would love to meet you.