We have audio files of sermons available for you to download. Sermons were preached by the evangelist, Larry Wright, unless otherwise noted.

Sermons by date

Sermons by topic

Each page linked below has several lessons relating to that topic, with a brief summary of each lesson and/or series.

  • Salvation. What does one need to do to be saved? Is it important? (Hint: yes!)
  • The church. Includes a series of lessons on “The Kingdom” (which is the church).
  • Authority. We all act according to someone’s authority. Either our own, someone else’s, or God’s. Where do you fall in?
  • Traditions of men. That is to say, false teachings that many hold to be part of, or equal to, the Word of God.
  • The Work of the Local Church. A series detailing the obligations of the members of a congregation to each other and to non-members.
  • Worldliness. A series, best summed up by the first lesson: “Worldliness Will Kill Your Dedication.”
  • Living right and staying faithful. Many different topics included here.
  • Gospel Meetings. Six so far, each with a different guest speaker.

A note on downloading

Clicking a link to an audio file merely plays the file in your browser. To download a file (to keep), right-click on the file, and then click:

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  • or “Save link as…” if you use Firefox or Chrome,
  • or “Download linked file” if you use Safari.

Files are about 50 MB to 80 MB in size (4-5 minute download on a typical broadband Internet connection).

And lastly

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